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Vanto Clients


Vanto Group clients include organizations of all sizes, from non-profits, to family-run businesses, to some of the world’s largest corporations. In all cases, we form a deep partnership with aligned interests and a commitment to bring whatever it takes to deliver unprecedented business results with velocity. By combining our strategic perspective with over 25 years of experience, we enable our clients to achieve unprecedented business results regardless of the circumstances.


Vanto Client Profiles


Magma Copper Company | Mining

With the support of Vanto Group, leaders at Magma undertook a concerted effort to rebuild severely strained relationships with employees and create a future which all would share.

Lockheed Martin | Aerospace & Defense

Lockheed Martin turned to Vanto Group for support in resolving persistent communication conflicts among key participants in a program to design and build a satellite defense system.

Reebok | Footwear & Apparel

Vanto Group was asked to help create a new corporate culture, one that both preserved the unique character of Reebok’s history and was appropriate to the scope of its global organization.

Petrobras | Oil & Gas

Faced with the urgent need to collaborate effectively, Petrobras turned to Vanto Group to get a severely delayed software implementation back on track.

Guidant | Healthcare

Challenged by the demands of rapid growth and accelerating product development timelines, management turned to Vanto Group for support in bringing about a shift in the organization’s culture.

Minera Escondida | Mining

Minera Escondida brought in Vanto Group to impact the organizational and cultural issues underlying a significant increase in injuries in its Chilean copper mines.

Some of the Client's We've Worked with Over the Past 25 Years

Exxon Apple Mercedes-Benz Walgreens Johnson & Johnson AmeriSource BNP Paribas NASA gsk J.P.Morgan Heinz Western Union New Zealand Steel SAP Standard Charter