Vanto Clients


Vanto Group clients include organizations of all sizes, from non-profits, to family-run businesses, to some of the world’s largest corporations. In all cases, we form a deep partnership with aligned interests and a commitment to bring whatever it takes to deliver unprecedented business results with velocity. By combining our strategic perspective with 25+ years of experience, we enable our clients to achieve unprecedented business results regardless of the circumstances.


Vanto Client Profiles


Lockheed Martin | Aerospace & Defense

Lockheed Martin turned to Vanto Group for support in resolving persistent communication conflicts among key participants in a program to design and build a satellite defense system.

Minera Escondida | Mining

Minera Escondida brought in Vanto Group to impact the organizational and cultural issues underlying a significant increase in injuries in its Chilean copper mines.

Reebok | Footwear & Apparel

Vanto Group was asked to help create a new corporate culture, one that both preserved the unique character of Reebok’s history and was appropriate to the scope of its global organization.

Guidant | Healthcare

Challenged by the demands of rapid growth and accelerating product development timelines, management turned to Vanto Group for support in bringing about a shift in the organization’s culture.

Magma Copper Company | Mining

With the support of Vanto Group, leaders at Magma undertook a concerted effort to rebuild severely strained relationships with employees and create a future which all would share.

Unum | Insurance

In the face of increased competition and a rapidly changing market, Unum turned to Vanto Group to ensure the sustainability of its growth and return on equity.

Some of the Clients We've Worked with Over the Past 25+ Years

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