About Vanto Group

A Global Consulting Firm

Vanto Group (VG) is a boutique global consulting firm distinguished by the extraordinary track record of our clients. We partner with clients from the private, public and non-profit sectors to address their most critical challenges and transform their organizations.

Our customized and proprietary approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of high performance with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. We embed the desired and necessary behaviors, processes and practices within our clients’ organizations, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of results with coordinated action, commitment and velocity. These new levels of performance and competitive advantage are both unprecedented and sustainable. Founded in 1992, Vanto Group is a private company with 16 offices in 9 countries.

Vanto Group Values – Our Values Define Who We Are.

We Value Breakthrough Thinking

Innovation generated from the future that creates powerful competitive advantages

We Value Authenticity and Integrity

Being accountable for and honoring our word

We Value Profound Partnerships with our clients

  • Respecting their organization’s values and people
  • Committing to their commitments
  • Eliciting and nurturing their leadership
  • Being at risk for their success

We Value Exceptional Outcomes

Creating new possibilities and accomplishing results beyond what has been considered achievable