a global management consulting firm

Vanto Group is a boutique global management consulting firm that has been a pioneer in the field of organizational transformation for over 25 years.

Our fundamental core competency is generating organizational alignment as the access to breakthrough results.

Our unique approach—the product of continuous research and development and of work with some of the most successful organizations in the world—allows us to partner with clients in a way that rapidly and reliably produces breakthrough results that are sustained by a new breakthrough culture.

We have designed and implemented initiatives with more than 500 clients across twenty countries, from mining operations in Patagonia to a Fortune 500 insurance company in New York City and from a multinational conglomerate in Mumbai to the most successful private equity firm in Vietnam.

  • You bring the expertise in your field.

  • We bring the expertise in transformation.

  • Together we create extraordinary results.

Why work with vanto group?

Our Clients Achieve Extraordinary Results

Clients choose Vanto Group because of the extraordinary results we enable them to produce in areas like growth, profitability, innovation and efficiency.

These are just a few of the breakthrough results our clients have achieved:



in productivity

Mining Operation in the US



in year-over-year revenue

Industrial Distributor in Thailand



in time-to-market for new products

Manufacturer in India



in patient wait times

Hospital System in Canada

Find out how Vanto Group’s clients are able to achieve these results using our one-of-a-kind approach.
Find out how Vanto Group can help you achieve breakthroughs in your organization.

We’ve helped 500+ clients

Vanto Group’s 500+ clients have a new commitment to sustainable results, market impact and high-performance culture. Find out why organizations like Lockheed Martin, Mekong Capital, GSK, NASA, Reebok, and BHP trust Vanto Group to transform their businesses.