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Our consulting engagements help our clients accomplish results far beyond what is currently predictable.

Every engagement is uniquely tailored to help you overcome your most significant challenges and/or capitalize on your largest opportunities.

We have successfully applied our unique process to every major business objective, including:


Capitalize on new opportunities in the marketplace and achieve long-term sustainable growth.

Client results:
  • NYC luxury fashion start-up far outpaced competitors by 6x revenue growth in less than 5 years
  • London-based multinational financial services company generated +400% ROI within 12 months and a +32% YoY increase in revenue

Expand the capacity of your organization to collaborate and think in new ways, maximizing the potential of your people and the results you can produce.

Client results:
  • Asia’s 4th largest paint company successfully introduced 8 new products and saw over +8% YoY sales growth while the overall industry stagnated for 2 years
  • A Silicon Valley-based data analytics company launched new products and created a whole new stream of business that redefined their industry segment
Mergers & Acquisitions

Realize maximum value from corporate M&A with a systematic approach to integration that minimizes the risks that can undermine your deal’s anticipated synergies.

Client results:
  • U.S.-based pharmacy chain’s $1B acquisition of a NYC convenience store chain was recognized as the fastest and easiest integration in the company’s history

Have your entire company moving together in one direction. Accelerate your capability to innovate and produce results in a way that creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Client results:
  • One of the fastest growing hospital systems in Canada brought their employees together in a way that increased both patient and staff satisfaction, while implementing a new enterprise-wide scheduling system that reduced patient wait times by 67%
  • U.S.-based footwear and apparel company aligned their entire organization around a new vision for the future that had them capitalize on new growth opportunities and gain a leading role in the industry
Organizational Turnarounds & Breakthroughs

Break from the past and create a new trajectory for your organization. Discover new value-creation opportunities in all areas of your business.

Client results:
  • U.S.-based defense agency turned around a failing satellite project from a state of crisis to successful completion in 18 months
  • A $2.3B Peruvian copper mine shifted from near disaster to growing their operating profits by over 10x in 2 years

Create and embed the necessary practices that ensure successful implementation – from technology initiatives to a new corporate vision or strategy.

Client results:
  • A state-owned Brazilian oil producer delivered an on-time implementation of an ERP system with over 50,000 users across 3 countries
  • A leading beverage bottler in Latin America executed on a new product distribution strategy resulting in record sales growth and lasting competitive advantages
Conflict Resolution

Bring together diverse and even adversarial groups and cultures to work productively with trust and collaboration.

Client results:
  • U.S.-based mining company recognized by the White House as the benchmark for labor-management partnerships and for their +86% increase in productivity
  • South African-based mining company saw record production levels and a +300% increase in stock price after mobilizing executives, employees, and community members for the first time

Out of working with hundreds of companies over the past 25+ years we know that every organization and situation is unique. If you don’t see an area of focus applicable to what you are looking for, please contact us and see how we can help you reach unprecedented business results.

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