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Lockheed Martin is a leading supplier of advanced technology systems, products, and services for government and commercial customers. The company turned to Vanto Group for support in resolving persistent communication conflicts among key participants in a program to design and build a satellite defense system for the United States government.


The program was in a state of crisis due to poor working relationships among Lockheed Martin engineering teams, as well as with customers and subcontractors. Low morale and extreme scheduling and budget pressures added to the crisis. Because of these spiraling problems and the erosion of customer trust, the program was threatened with cancellation.

Management attempted to solve these problems by conducting a number of offsite sessions with key team members. Dismissed by an increasingly cynical workforce, these sessions met with failure.


Lockheed brought in Vanto Group to get the failing program back on track. Vanto Group was asked to structure a series of sessions for employees, customers, and key subcontractors. Representatives from these groups worked with colleagues from other functional groups in sessions facilitated by Vanto Group consultants.

The sessions created an atmosphere in which team members could bring cross-functional issues to light and address them before they had an impact on the schedule and productivity. Experiencing a sense of being on the same team, participants identified opportunities, developed solutions to issues, and mapped out methods for achieving the necessary milestones for completing the project successfully.


Within 18 months, the situation had turned around. Attitudes had shifted, both among those who participated in the Vanto Group programs, and among colleagues with whom they interacted. The downward spiral was distinctly reversed. Morale and productivity rose as people began collaborating as a team, reaching program milestones, and meeting schedules.

The defense system was launched on time and its on-orbit performance exceeded customer expectations.

I attribute the ultimate success of my program to the attitude shifts and resulting team development, positive collaboration, and improved communication resulting from the work Vanto Group did with us.”

Douglas Diederich
Vice President, Special Programs, Lockheed Martin Corporation