Steve Zaffron is the Founder and Head of Research and Development of Vanto Group. He has worked with multiple organizations in various industries worldwide. Some of these organizations include Walgreens, NASA, Reebok, BHP-Billiton, Dalmia Group (India), and Polus Group (Japan).

As an internationally respected leadership authority, Steve is noted for his provocative new perspectives on breakthrough performance, organizational change, transformational leadership and integrating competitive advantages. He has been a guest lecturer at universities in the US and Europe including Harvard Business School, Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, Marshall School of Business at USC, Erasmus University (Holland), George Mason University School of Business and the University of Arizona Institute for Mineral Resources.

In the best-selling book, “The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting The Future Of Your Organization And Your Life,” Steve and his co-author Dave Logan articulate a new theory about what underlies breakthrough performance. In the book, Steve shares insights from over 20 years of direct experience supporting companies to generate unprecedented business results and empowering their employees and stakeholders through the emergence of leadership beyond title, authority, or position. The book sets the foundation for a new type of organization.

The approaches and methodologies Steve has developed for Vanto Group have resulted in a unique range of consulting services focusing on breakthrough performance through the creation of strategic partnerships that cross silos and even historical divides.

Steve Zaffron holds degrees from University of Chicago and Cornell University.

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