Steve Zaffron is the Founder and Head of Research & Development at Vanto Group, a boutique global consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of large-scale initiatives to elevate organizational performance.

In its 28-year history, Vanto Group has worked with more than five hundred clients across twenty countries ranging from mining operations in Africa and Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. to a non-profit organization in Haiti and one of the wealthiest families in Japan. Corporate clients have included Lockheed Martin, Apple, Walgreens, Red Bull, BHP, MetLife, Johnson & Johnson, Reebok, NASA, and Northrop Grumman.

Steve is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of leadership. He is the co-author of the best-selling book The Three Laws of Performance, which articulates a new paradigm of breakthrough performance in life and in business. He has been a guest lecturer at numerous universities including the Harvard Business School, Ohio State University, George Mason University, and the University of Southern California.

Steve graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University and received his M.A. degree in philosophy from the University of Chicago.


Featured Publications:

Your Organization is a Network of Conversations (MIT Sloan Management Review)

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A New Methodology for Managing Effective External Stakeholder Relationships

The Source of Elevated Organizational Performance: Reinventing Corporate Culture

Stepping Outside of Existing Paradigms: Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantages

Integrity: A Positive Model that Incorporates the Normative Phenomena of Morality, Ethics, and Legality

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