As a Vanto Group Senior Consultant, Shankar Seeram specializes in leading transformational initiatives for business owners, top management, senior executives, managers and their teams to produce expanded business results.

Shankar’s coaching enables teams to work in alignment and coordinated action to achieve the vision and goals of the organization. He has extensive expertise working with individuals and teams in dealing effectively with setbacks and challenges in the work environment, enabling them to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Prior to joining Vanto Group, Shankar worked with Vanto Group’s parent company, Landmark Worldwide, leading high-impact personal development programs for large and diverse groups. While at Landmark, Shankar was also responsible for developing internal teams to expand Landmark’s operations in India, including coaching team members in areas such as sales, leadership, effectiveness and performance.

Prior to joining Landmark, Shankar was a software engineer and worked extensively on developing software solutions for Industrial Automation, developing CAD/CAM software products and managing large and complex IT solutions for the Textile & Carpet industry.

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