Olga Loffredi is the Chief Executive Officer of Vanto Group. She has spent the last 25 years studying, creating and developing high performance teams to consistently deliver breakthrough results beyond what was considered achievable.

She has extensive experience working with organizations around the world in a wide variety of industries. As a specialist in negotiation and conflict resolution, she also has vast experience in building new relationships between diverse – even adversarial – groups in complex situations, including between investors, executives, unions, suppliers, and the community.

In her 20+ years of consulting, Olga has held the title of Vanto Group Global COO (2015-2016), Vanto Group Americas CEO (1999-2015), and Loffredi & Associates Partner (since 1996).
Prior to her consulting work, she served as the Director of Human Resources for Coca-Cola, Lojas Americanas S/A and S.C. Johnson Brazil. She also spent 5 years as a professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro School of Education, Graduate School of Business Administration and Engineering (COPPEAD-UFRJ) and the IT Executive Program.

She currently is a guest lecturer at the George Mason University School of Business and the University of Arizona Institute for Mineral Resources. Olga is a founding member of the Barbados Group, a cutting edge think tank dedicated to the study and application of human performance. She holds a Ph.D. in Education and Communication from the University of Minnesota.

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