As a Senior Consultant for Vanto Group, Bob Mueller specializes in transformational leadership, union/management relationships, and facilitating large system initiatives that result in substantial wealth creation. Bob has led consulting projects in South Africa, the US, Canada, South America, New Zealand, and Australia. Although he has worked with organizations across many industries, Bob’s specialty is working with organizations in the mining and natural resource industries.

Prior to joining Vanto Group, Bob was responsible both as an executive and as a consultant for change architecture that led to major culture, cost, and productivity breakthroughs at Magma Copper Company / BHP. Prior to that, he was a senior consultant and practice leader at King, Chapman & Broussard Consulting Group. He also worked with the Ford Motor Company, where his assignments included the development of a team process called “Quality is Job #1” and the design and implementation of an employee involvement/participative management culture.

Bob holds three bachelor’s degrees from Loyola University in production management, philosophy, and psychology.

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