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Vanto Group

Vanto Group (VG) is a boutique global consulting firm distinguished by the extraordinary track record of our clients. We partner with clients from the private, public and non-profit sectors to address their most critical challenges and transform their organizations.

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Our approach to business transformation is results-focused with key emphasis on high performance culture, velocity and sustainability. We go beyond traditional consulting, employing our new paradigm of performance to create an aligned organization for our clients.

Vanto’s Approach

Vanto Group

Whether driven by a sense of untapped potential or challenging circumstances, our clients have the courage to lead, taking on new levels of coordinated action that deliver unprecedented business results and an exceptional quality of life for their people at work.

Vanto Clients

Reebok International Ltd

“Running a business is a complex matter, and at the heart of any business is people. I have yet to see anything that has such a positive impact on people’s ability to relate, communicate, and perform as Vanto Group has. ”

Paul Fireman,
Former Chairman & CEO


BHP Copper Metals

“Our outcomes [from the Vanto Group engagements] were incredible. We not only met what we considered stretch budgets, we exceeded them. We have set world records for many months in production. Our costs are lower than they were when we started the program, and we were able to improve safety by 50%.”

Craig Steinke,
Senior Vice President and Group General Manager


Matria Healthcare, Inc.

“I was impressed from the beginning with the subtlety and skill the Vanto Group team used to work with our top management. They surfaced entrepreneurial thinking and brought a fresh perspective to how our goals could be accomplished.”

Jeff Koepsell,
Chief Operating Officer


Magma Copper Company

“Vanto Group’s partnership and their coaching and facilitation were critical ingredients in the mobilization and alignment of our diverse workforce, and without them it would have been difficult, maybe impossible, to create such a transformation.”

J. Burgess Winter,
President and CEO


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