Who We Are

Vanto Group offers a full range of consulting services from strategic planning, to building and coaching high-performance executive management teams, to implementing large-scale initiatives in workforce mobilization. The Vanto team tailors these initiatives to the unique needs of its clients, with a specific focus on performance, agility, and the ability to maintain a competitive advantage. A fundamental premise of Vanto Group's work is that the individuals in an enterprise and the enterprise itself can go beyond success and fulfillment to achieve greatness.

Vanto Group's unique technology and approach have worked successfully for a wide range of clients, including athletic and fitness giant Reebok International, and Magma Copper and its subsequent acquiree, Broken Hill Proprietary. It has also worked successfully with UNUM, the leading provider of group disability insurance, and with the public utility Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). In addition to large industry, Vanto Group has worked extensively with organizations in the health care sector and with smaller, high-growth companies.

Vanto Group is a member of the International Society for Performance Improvement and the Academy of Management.

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"I see a lot of different consulting groups, and I myself consult with a lot of companies and sit on their boards. I see many companies talking about change, but only a handful are making significant differences."

"Studies suggest that employee empowerment, employee participation, new cultures, whatever you want to call it, may have penetrated as many as 15-20% of all companies in the U.S. with more than 100 employees. Most of those efforts are little more than papering over problems that might move the organization forward two or three baby steps."

"What I've seen this consulting group do is take an incredible leap with the companies it is linked with, that is, a transformation in the real sense of that term. And to me this is really quite serious, quite significant, and something that goes way beyond the ordinary."

Barry Bluestone
Professor of
Political Economy