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(Effective 01/02/08)

Introduction: Our Commitment To Your Privacy.
Vanto, Inc. (“Vanto”, “we”, “our” or “us”) is highly sensitive to the confidentiality of information provided by you to Vanto. As a result, Vanto has adopted the following Privacy Policy, which is applicable to all information that you provide to Vanto and that Vanto maintains electronically, whether you provide the information through Vanto’s World Wide Web site (the “Web site”) or through other means. This Policy does not apply to any information that you may provide to third parties, such as through other Web sites linked to the Vanto Web site. You should contact such third parties directly to determine their respective Privacy Policies.

Vanto expressly reserves the right to change its Policies and Practices periodically in the future. You should review our Privacy Policy Statement regularly to be sure you are fully current with our practices and procedures in this area. At present, Vanto uses and discloses the information provided by you for the purposes described below.

This written Privacy Policy Statement is part of, and subject to, our overall Terms and Conditions of Use for our Web site. It discloses the information-gathering and dissemination practices for our Web site. Our Web site is primarily, though not exclusively, accessed by our customers and our employees. This Privacy Policy Statement applies to all information collected by or submitted to Vantogroup.COM. This Privacy Policy Statement may change from time to time so please revisit this area of our Web site regularly to ensure that you stay current with any such changes. Your use of this Web site after such changes are posted will mean that you accept them.

What Information Do We Collect?

We may collect your Internet Protocol (IP) Address (which is the unique address of your computer), general online information about you and, from time to time, we may also conduct surveys or offer contests or other promotional events, and gather additional information from you in connection with those. Any such information may be used subject to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy Statement and our Terms and Conditions of Use. In addition, Vanto may collect email addresses and other identifiable information from time-to-time in conjunction with its marketing of services and follow-up regarding such services.

How Do We Use This Information? 

Primarily, we use your information to provide you with the services available to you. We use your IP Address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our Web site. Your IP Address is also used to help identify you and to gather broad demographic information, some of which we aggregate and then share with our strategic alliance and marketing partners. We also use your IP address to keep track of information that you have seen on our Web site.

With Whom Do We Share Your Information?

We will not share your information with any third party without prior notification. Unless such notification is provided, we will use such information solely for internal purposes.


When the use of our Web site involves the transmission of confidential information, Vanto uses generally accepted standards of technology to establish a reasonably secure connection between your computer terminal and our server. This facilitates the transmission of encrypted information from your computer terminal to our server and back again and is intended to protect personally identifiable information from alteration, misuse, loss or destruction. However, due to the open nature of the Internet, we do advise you that we are unable to guarantee that unauthorized persons will not obtain access to your personally identifiable information, despite these security precautions.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are a standard technology used by commercial web services to store small pieces of information on your hard drive, by sending a small string of text to your browser. They make your use of our Web site more pleasing and efficient by, for example, “personalizing” your user interface or identifying which parts of our Web site you have previously visited. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies unless you have configured yours not to accept them. In order for us to provide you with services, your browser may need to accept cookies for Web site administration and security purposes. We may also use cookies to tailor the information that you receive.

Disclaimer of Responsibility for Privacy Policy and Content at Linked Sites

Our Web site may provide you with links to other Web sites. We are not responsible for those Web sites and cannot control the use of information that you submit once you reach those Web sites, nor can we control the content of what is offered on those Web sites or on links from those Web sites.
Our Use of Information from Third Parties. We may use information about you provided to us by third parties, such as our strategic alliance partners, in order to inform you of their services and products.
Compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Our Web site is not intended to be accessed or used by minors. Such access or use is expressly prohibited by Vanto.

Legal Requests for Information

It is our Policy to respond to valid government and regulatory requests for information, court orders or subpoenas issued by third parties.

Applicable only to U.S. Residents

This Privacy Policy Statement is currently applicable only to our United States clients, worksite employees and visitors to our Web site, although we may make modifications to this Privacy Policy Statement in the future that affect this applicability.

Transborder Hosting and Transfer of Information

Vanto may transfer information collected on our Web site to the Vanto Offices located throughout the world. This includes offices located within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and elsewhere. Our Web site may be viewed and hosted anywhere in the world, including in countries, such as the United States, that may not have the same or any laws regulating the use and transfer of personally-identifiable data. In using this Web site and submitting information on it, you voluntarily consent to such transborder transfer and hosting of such information.

This Notice Is Not an Offer or a Contract

This Privacy Policy Statement is for your information only. It is not an agreement or an offer and does not establish contract or other rights for you, the User. In particular, you have not created or entered into a contract by reading this notice and then submitting information. If you are a visitor, your use of our Web site constitutes your consent to the collection and use of your information, subject to the procedures for its removal provided below. Your rights with respect to these services are also governed by the separate Terms of Conditions and Use

Vanto Employees and Privacy Policies/Practices

Vanto trains all Vanto employees about the importance of privacy. It is Vanto’s policy to give access to your information only to those employees, strategic and marketing partners and Vanto related companies who, in our view, require it in order to carry out their respective responsibilities.
Accessing, Changing, and/or Deleting Information. You may access, correct, update and/or delete any personally-identifiable information that you have submitted to Our Web site as well as Unsubscribe from any Mailing List(s) or Registration(s) on our Web site. In order to do so, you simply need to from the instructions on the Page or Section of our Web site on which you have provided the information that you wish to revise or delete or contact us via fax or email at the places specified below. We will effect these changes as quickly as practicable.


If you chose to proceed to use Our Web site, you will thereby be consenting to the collection, use, transfer and storage of personally identifiable and other information about yourself in the manner described in this Privacy Policy Statement and elsewhere throughout our Web site. We reserve the right to make changes and updates in this Privacy Policy Statement and you accept the responsibility monitoring it to ensure your ongoing consent.

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