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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances

Mergers, acquisitions, and new alliances can be extraordinarily challenging. Each company has its own values and processes, making integration complex and idiosyncratic.

Mergers and acquisitions commonly result in a win/lose situation where the people in one company may not have much to gain and may not make it easy for the other party. In these scenarios, management teams often focus on the battle to maintain positions. The pattern is repeated throughout the ranks and the business suffers. This can and often does jeopardize shareholder value.

Alliances have their own unique challenges. Typically, two companies come to the table each with their own assets, agendas, and proposals. Operating practices, performance indicators, and problem resolution structures have not been established. This can lead to conflict that undermines the trust and partnership that are critical to realizing mutual objectives.

Vanto steps in to help companies reconcile their differences, create a cohesive organization, and realize the competitive advantage of the merger, acquisition, or alliance.

Vanto offers these merger and acquisition services:

Cultural Alignment: Creates a forum in which the top leadership of both organizations can effectively design a culture for the new organization that capitalizes on the strengths of each.

Breakthrough Intervention: Resolves adversarial or entrenched attitudes. Moves management and employees past resignation and cynicism to capitalizing on opportunities.

Accelerated Implementation: Facilitates smooth and rapid merging by enabling early, voluntary agreement; resolving potential pitfalls; and leveraging the strengths of each company.

"The acquisition of Empresa Minera Especial de Tintaya, a copper mining corporation formerly owned by the Peruvian government, presented a complex management challenge. The operation had a history of under-performing, a hierarchical culture, and ineffective union/management relationships. The urgency of our situation forced us to focus on something that is crucial to the success of any merger or acquisition -- bringing people together as quickly as possible to find effective ways to run the organization. With Vanto as our partner, we rapidly built one new company, one that is thriving today."

Lee Browne
Former President and General Manager
Magma Tintaya South America