“Every company in every industry works under certain forces or laws that influence what that company can and can’t do. Just as understanding the relevant law of gravity, physics or probability theory makes certain things possible – flight, building bridges, financial windfalls – there are laws that apply to the art and science of performance.”
Steve Zaffron, CEO
Vanto Group

Vanto Group is dedicated to creating unprecedented business results. We partner with our clients to design and implement organizational initiatives that produce significant, sustainable change in a surprisingly short period of time.

We don’t offer just analysis, explanation, and advice. Because we see the implementation as a critical component in a success of initiative, we build it in from the beginning.

We work best with companies that are prepared to provide the leadership of fundamental change. Each engagement is separately negotiated, with its own set of issues and objectives. We put our client’s interest first– accepting only those assignments where both our clients and Vanto Group can have maximum impact.


  • Empowering an organization to generate extraordinary business results while creating an exceptional quality of life for its people.
  • Aligning business operations with business strategy to ensure agility and performance.
  • Enabling an organization and its people to step outside adversarial roles and see the organization as a unified team.
  • Developing an environment where organizations effectively design futures and develop the leadership necessary for implementing those futures.
  • Mobilizing and inspiring people to move far beyond compliance to authentic ownership that calls them to participate fully and work effectively together.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of strategic change.
  • Bypassing predictable resistance of change, achieving short-term and long-term results.
  • Building on the best practices of general management and instilling an in-house capability for achieving new and higher levels of performance.
  • Providing clients with new access to their organizational culture through Vanto Group’s innovative technology.
  • Allowing an organization to see itself as a network of conversations, giving immediate clarity and access to performance and results.