Running a business is a complex matter, and at the heart of any business is people. I have yet to see anything that has such a positive impact on people’s ability to relate, communicate, and perform as Vanto has. Our experience resulted in the alignment of our people around a common vision for the future, along with a powerful set of commitments and accountabilities.
Paul Fireman,
Former Chairman and CEO
Reebok International Ltd
As president and CEO, I thought it was great to experience the outstanding business results and share price, but equally important to me was to witness the enthusiasm of the people to contribute to the organization as well as to each other, regardless of rank. It was a great thrill to see the increasing numbers of official visitors from other, diverse companies, coming to study the process and talk to our people.
Looking back on the whole process, [Vanto’s] partnership and their coaching and facilitation were critical ingredients in the mobilization and alignment of our diverse workforce, and without them it would have been difficult, maybe impossible, to create such a transformation.
J. Burgess Winter,
President and CEO
Magma Copper Company